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Chemspa Sauna Kleena

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Powerful sauna cleaner. Gentle on wood. Rejuvenates your sauna. Can be used straight from the bottle for tough jobs or diluted up to 5 to 1 for basic upkeep. Simply spray and wipe.

Many cleaning products contain bleach or ammonia which will dry and damage the wood in your sauna. ChemSpa Sauna Kleena uses natural oils to gently clean the wood without drying it out. This keeps your sauna looking new and avoids the splintering and cracking that can occur with other cleaning products.

In addition to keeping your sauna looking new, Sauna Kleena also has natural fragrance oils which deodorize while it cleans.

The effectiveness of Sauna Kleena is proven by the many customers we have that have relied on the product for decades. Sauna maintenance doesn't have to take up all your time. With Sauna Kleena and just a small amount of time you can keep your sauna looking brand new and inviting.

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