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Nano - 115 Volts -for Standard Size Steam Rooms

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pdf Nano -SteamAroma Nano Unit - Owner's Manual.pdf (509.6 KB)

Nano Aroma Dispenser - Safely, accurately & automatically dose Club Aroma aromatherapy quality fragrance into steam rooms.

Our Nano Aroma Dispenser is designed to be used with our Club Aroma products. If you are not currently using our aroma products we cannot sell the Nano to you since we have not tested the product you are using and therefore cannot determine if it is safe to use with our Nano Aroma Dispenser. Any orders for this unit not also requesting aroma will be reviewed to determine eligibility. If you have not done business with us before and you do not order any aroma with the Nano Aroma Dispenser we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss.

Please note that Spa Partners' requires that a voltage confirmation sheet be signed and faxed before your Nano Aroma Dispenser can be shipped, the voltage confirmation sheet can be downloaded by following this link: Nano Voltage Confirmation Sheet